Historic Poland Spring


Jabez Ricker swaps his property in Alfred, Maine (then Massachusetts) to the town's Shaker community. The religious sect desired the property due to its mill power potential. Jabez moved his family to Bakerstown (as Poland was formerly known) on the property which was previously owned by Eliphaz Ring, a convert to the Shakers in nearby New Gloucester. Within a short time, two travelers looking for a place to stay knocked on the Ricker family door. Thus began the inn-keeping tradition which continues today.


Wentworth, the son of Jabez, constructs and opens the Wentworth Ricker Inn, a stagecoach stop/inn which would later become known as the Mansion House. This building along with large stable would be home to Ricker family members for over 150 years.



Hiram Ricker, the founder of Poland Spring Water and patriarch to the Ricker family for decades is born to Wentworth and Polly Ricker.


Wentworth hands over the inn-keeping business to his 25 year old son Hiram.


Hiram, who had been suffering from dyspepsia for a number of years, drank freely from a spring on the farm. After several days, he felt relived of his ailments and began to claim the spring had medicinal properties.