Historic Poland Spring


After years of uncertainty and changing hands, Poland Spring is sold to Saul Feldman. Feldman immediately begins plans to expand and modernize the property.


The Executive Inn/Poland Spring Inn, now known as the Maine Inn is opened. Complete with modern amenities it was constructed to replace the use of the Mansion House which over the preceding 160 years had been added onto but never completely  modernized.

The television series, Route 66, conducts tapings on the property. Scenes include the use of the Mansion House, Maine State Building, Stables, Campbell Cottage and others.


When nearby Lewiston was selected as the host for the heavyweight championship bout between Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston, Poland Spring was used as training grounds for Liston. This match led to the debacle known as the Phantom Punch fight in which Ali beat Liston in only a little over 2 minutes. Other guests connected to the fight on the property at that time included Joe Louis and Robert Goulet.

The Poland Spring Caddy Camp which had been operated on the property since 1921 was closed.


Poland Spring Resort became the site of the largest women's training center for the newly created Job Corps program. Hundreds of women from impoverished areas in the country, came to the center to receive vocational training. The Poland Spring House and the other buildings on the property were used by the program.


Operation of the Poland Spring Job Corps ceased.


The Yogi Maharishi held a Transcendental Meditation (TM) Conference on the grounds. Over a 1,000 individuals stayed on the property and the Poland Spring House was used for the last time as a hotel.


Saul Feldman leases the Maine Inn to Mel Robbins who was initially lured to Poland Spring to redevelop the property. He heard the "rustle of petticoats and wagon wheels" and fell in love with the beautiful grounds and rich heritage.


Poland Spring Water is sold to Perrier.


The Maine State Building is added to the National Register of Historic Places - the first building on the property to receive this designation.


On July 3rd, fire destroys the former crown jewel, the Poland Spring House. Although the cause of the fire remains unknown, the building had fallen into disrepair but there was the promise of its restoration.


The Poland Spring Preservation Society is formed as a 501(c)3 non-profit historic preservation organization.


The All Souls Chapel is added to the National Register of Historic Places. The chapel and Maine State Building are given to the Poland Spring Preservation Society by Saul Feldman and Mel Robbins.

Perrier sells Poland Spring Water to Paul den Haene, who later builds a new modern plant on the edge of the property.


Perrier re-acquires the Poland Spring Water brand from den Haene.


Mel and Cyndi Robbins purchase Poland Spring Resort from Saul Feldman, after leasing the property for a decade.