Historic Poland Spring


Hiram Ricker began sharing his water with neighbors and people in the surrounding communities.


Hiram Ricker begins making his first commercial sales of Poland Water. He also advertises the water and the Mansion House for the first time in the Brunswick Record Times.


Dr. Eliphalet Clark a Portland physician begins prescribing Poland Water to patients for cures including Bright's disease, kidney stones and other maladies.


Hiram turns over the reins to is eldest son, Edward "E.P." Ricker. E.P. oversees the enlargement of the Mansion House and ther additions to the property.


Alvan "A.B." Ricker joins his older brother in the firm, which was renamed Hiram Ricker and Sons. A.B. traditionally oversees the buying of food, the farms, kitchens and dining staff.


The Poland Spring House is constructed atop Ricker Hill. The crown jewel of the resort, the summer hotel was open from June through October. Eventually the building would be able to accommodate over 350 guests and had its own dining and kitchen facilities, bowling alley, writing rooms, music hall and much more for the use by its guests.

The Moses bottle is also created to commemorate the opening of the hotel. This distinct glass bottle continues to be a prized collectors item.


Hiram W. Ricker joins the family firm. Hiram would eventually be instrumental in forming the Maine Publicity Bureau (today the Maine Tourism Association), the Maine Automobile Association, the Maine Hotel Association and served on many commissions and boards in the state.


A series of enlargements and renovations to the Poland Spring House brought a number of new amenities to its guests. Several other buildings and recreational opportunities were created including a deer park, walking trails and game rooms.


Hiram Ricker, patriarch of the family dies. Poland Water is exhibited at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The water receives a medal for its purity and potential medicinal properties.


The Maine State Building, which was constructed by the state at the World's Columbian Exposition, was purchased by the Ricker family. The granite, slate and wood structure was disassembled and transported by train to the grounds.


The Maine State Building was officially dedicated. The building would serve as a library, museum and art gallery. The gallery was under the direction of the youngest child of Hiram and Janette Bolster Ricker, also known as Janette but commonly called Nettie.


A nine hole golf course was constructed in July. Designed by Arthur Harris Fenn, the golf course was one of a handful in the state and one of the first 80 in the nation. Fenn was a well-known amateur champion golfer who's brother-in-law was the head clerk at the Poland Spring House.


Arthur Fenn becomes the Poland Spring golf professional in 1898 - at the same time becoming America's first native born golf professional.